Cumming Dildo

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A Cumming dildo will provide the utmost in realism for your next sexual outing. They provide extreme pleasure for very little cost and providing many hours of pure pleasure. It's very easy to order and you'll receive prompt and discreet shipping. Use the menu on the left to search the store for about anything you can think of and many things you've never thought about, have fun shopping and take your time. Inflatable sex toys are enjoyed by many of us that like to experience new and exciting ways to fulfill our sexual appetite. Click Dildos to see our huge inventory of all shapes, sizes, styles and even colors. If you're looking for a real feel experience, try dildos a few of these ejaculating  dildos.

cumming dildoSquirting Realistic Cock Brown Dildo

His long veiny shaft measures 9.2 inches long (8.5 insertable) and 2 inches thick. He has a realistic head and a great set of balls. He's ready to cum on your command. Don't use any product with sugar as it could cause a yeast infection.  He's made from a soft and flexible PVC rubber (aka jelly rubber). Grab a dab of water base lubricant and have a great realistic sexual outing, he's a big satisfying so use an ample amount for maximum pleasure. You'll enjoy many explosive orgams with this big boy, he's very realistic. He's also equiped with a suction cup base for hands free adventures.


His long veiny shaft measures 7.5 inches long (5.5 insertable) and 1.9 inches thick. He has a realistic head and a great set of balls. He's ready to cum on your command. It includes a 1 ounce tube of creamy white Nut Butter with options to buy more. Don't use any product with sugar as it could cause a yeast infection.  He's made from a soft and flexible PVC rubber (aka jelly rubber). Grab a dab of water base lubricant and have a great realistic sexual outing. While he's isn't a giant he's still a bit larger than the average size erect penis ready to provide hours of sexual pleasure.


cumming dildo8" Rex Squirting Dildo

The realistic feeling shaft measures 8 inches long (6.5 insertable) and 1.85 inches thick. Simply squeeze his balls, place the tip in your liquid of choice, and release to get him full and ready. Ride him hard, then squeeze his balls to release when you are ready. He's like an orgasmic machine, ready and waiting for you to need an powerful orgasam. His size is close to an average size erect penis and has a realistic feel. This great squirting dildo will make a great addition to your sex toy collection. Clean up is easy, just rinse out with water several times and let dry. For maximum pleasure use water base lube.


Flash Brown Dildo cumming dildoFlash Brown Dildo

This is a huge squirting dildo that was molded from the super star Flash Brown. Jus squeeze his balls and feel him releases a torrent of cum. If you like'em big, this is an excellent cumming dildo. He measures 11.5 inches overall with an insertable length of 11 inches while he measures a whopping 3 inches thick. You can order and extra bottle of cum here. If you're looking to fulfill your dreams as well as your vagina and/or anus, this cumming dildo will certainly do that. Be sure to use plenty of water base lubricant, he's gonna be tight.


This bad boy measure 7 inches long and a fat 2 inches thick, he has a very realistic looking head, veins along the shaft and a great set of balls. He's also equipped with a suction cup for hands free adventures. Now for the good part, he has a pump that will squirt cum just like a real cock. The directions may say to use sweet condensed milk, sugar and egg, that isn't a good idea, it's likely to cause you a yeast infection with all that sugar. A plain yogurt works just fine. Grab a tube of water base lubricant and enjoy multiple orgasms for as long as you can stand it.    


This orgasmic cumming dildo not only cums he has a built in vibrator that will drive you wild. There are several thing you can substitute for semen, plain yogurt is one, just don't use anything with sugar. If you're searching for a realistic outing, you gotta try one of the cumming dildos. Although he's not a large didlo, he has the tools to provide you with many orgasms. He measures approximately 6.5 inches long and 1.5 inches thick, about the size of an average real erect cock. Add water base lubrication to maximize your sexual pleasure.

This cumming dildo has an explosive ejaculation feature, it can simulate the action of a real erect penis. He has a 1.4 inch girth and the overall length is 8.4 inches. There are several thing you can substitute for semen, plain yogurt is one, just don't use anything with sugar. If you're searching for a realistic outing, you gotta try one of the cumming dildos.


This vibrating butt plug with ejaculation is over the top, you'll go nuts with sensuous excitement. Just fill the plug with whatever you like and squeeze the bulb for ejaculation. Plug is 6 inches top to bottom, 3.5 inches from the top to the ribbed section. Most of it is 1 inch wide (4 inches around) but the widest point is 1.5 inches in diameter and 5 inches around. Use plenty of lubrication to maximize your anal sex pleasures.


Double Strap-on LoverVibrating Inflatable Strap On

Pump up the passion with this incredible Inflatable Vibrating Strap-on. With a few squeezes of the medical-style pump ball, this versatile latex dong quickly fills and inflates, becoming thicker and more satisfying than ever before. Choose a speed on the multi-speed dial and enjoy thrilling vibrations while the dong is inflated to its maximum thickness. The comfortable latex harness stretches or ties to fit most sizes, and the snug fit ensures the 6" x 1.75" wide dong stays in place when the action heats up. The multi-speed controller clips onto your waistband or clothing, allowing your hands to be free for other adventures. Once the dildo is inserted, pump the dong up until you reach your desired girth, then press the quick- release valve to quickly relieve the pressure. Use plenty of Moist lube for an extra wet, extra wild encounter. Best of all, cleanup is a snap after the fun with warm water and a mild soap or a commerical sex toy cleaner. Inflatable sex toys will add new and exciting ways to enjoy sex.

Inflatable Emperor With Suction CupInflatable Emperor With Suction Cup

This is a excellent traveling dildo that's small when deflated and a sensuous feeling 6 inches long and 1.5 inches thick dildo. It's made from a soft and flexible rubber with an easy to use pump. There's an quick release valve when you're ready to deflate your inflatable.

Climaxer G Spot PinkClimaxer G Spot Pink

This orgasmic tool has 7 vibrating functions and 8 modes of rotation. The G-Spot stimulator is on a phallic shaped shaft with a row of pleasure rings with a sensual realistic penis head. When you are ready, just squeeze and squirt, it will feel like he's just cummed inside of you. It lights up and has a flexible shaft. Easy to load battery pack and it's 100% Phthalate free, non-toxic materials. Total length 11 inches. Not sticky and skin safe.


Dildos With Balls

I finally got the nerve to order my first sex toy online, I don't know why I was nervous and I don't know why in the world I waited so long to do it. UPS just delivered it and now what. My first dildo, now how to use it, or do I want to use it. They say if you don’t know how to use your toy it becomes disappointing. Since I wanted enjoyment from my sex toy I  learned to use it properly. The right style and made form the right material that suits me is important, and I feel the one I chose is a good choice. I have learned that there are a large variety of types and each is designed for a particular purpose. I’m sure it’s good to think carefully about what you need a dildo for and then make your choice. Realistic models are enhanced by their very realistic look, resembling a male penis and it’s characteristics. How about one that is molded from the penis of a porn star, might be exciting.
Suction Cup Dildos have a suction cup base that allows the user to attach the sex toy to a flat surface, then we have our hands free for other sexual pleasures, maybe masturbation. It is said that the strap-ons are specially designed for using with harness wear, thus allowing a partner to penetrate with a dong hands free. Sounds like this is a great sex toy for a couple to enhance their sexual experiences and fantasies. I see there are double-ended dildo with both ends designed for penetration, they have to be perfect for lesbians, or couples, for simultaneous vaginal and anal penetration. I agree that the material sex toys are made from does matter, because of sensations they create, lifespan of the toys, cost, cleaning and care etc. Can you believe there are a variety of materials such a silicone, latex, plastic, jelly, rubber and others, each I’m sure having their own advantages and disadvantages. It’s true that sex toys can be used for female masturbation, mutual masturbation, getting ready for intercourse, helping women achieve an orgasm and lesbian sex as well as gay sex. How fun to explore our fantasies and find the many sensual possibilities from adult toys. Since choosing what I feel is the dildo for me I plan to use a sex toy water based lubricant because it will enhance it’s smoothness, making it glide easy for a great feeling. I can see that an ample amount of lube will be nice since it does not have it’s own lubrication. I want to be sexually aroused before insertion not to mention taking it very slow and easy. It’s imperative to enjoy my sex toy with pleasure, not pain. I also plan on cleaning my sex toy thoroughly after each and every use, don’t want bacterial infections. I’m looking forward to many erotic, sensual hours of sexual play and many, many orgasms. Find one that is right for you and let’s enjoy. Did you know there is a cumming dildo? How real is that? What ever your choice, use and enjoy.